Friday, March 26, 2010

Fridge magnet

dpt lg new nye. thanks hubby ;)

certain tu dh transfer kt hood kitchen

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LvBeii Giveaway

The Supplies Giveaway Pack consist of :
3 piece of cotton flannel (approx. 40cm x 60cm ea)
5 vintage buttons
6 colourful zippers
4 colour of sidestitched grossgrain ribbons (1mtr ea)
3 pack of bias tapes
2 rolls of deco tapes

hopefully can sew baby craft stuff ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

ribbon embroidery

bljr ribbon embroidery nie last yr, pastu x practice pun :p
ada 1 lg kain tu nk wat fabric painting jer lh.
kt blog tinihani ada tutorial sarung kusyen, hopefully sempat lh jahit ;)

k.nita bg souvenir frm manila. suke color bag nie & cute.

wood grain

bljr wood grain nie frm k.nora.
painting wood grain + decoupage.
ada 1 lg project painting wood grain + 3D effect used Jo Sonja's Texture x siap2 lg :P

bird nest

pattern nie combine frm ros stallcup & trudy beard.
suka lg style trudy beard.
wording 'store room' tu nk tukar dh varnish pun....hmmm...


try painting roses nie frm ros singleton book.


daisy nie mase mula2 bljr ngan k.zu, br nk paste kt my blog.

actually nie wall lamp, tp letak kt atas meja jer.
my x-hmate bg (if not mistaken, project adik die mase kt uitm)
asal nye plain cream color, pastu sapu sealer & painting daisy.
bulb tu green color, nk tukar bulb lain , x muat. ok lg bulb tu so pki dulu lh.