Wednesday, March 16, 2011

baby quilt

baby quilt for my niece.
panel from love u by deb strain moda fabric

 actually nie 1st time try buat drawstring pouch jadilah tmpt letak sepit2 baju.

nie pun same, nk try buat wallhanging mcm kt website patchworkpottery (pear tree wallhanging) experimental dulu kt small wh.

nk try buat stippling 'teapot', mcm x jd jer. x turunkn feed dog. sewing machine singer 8974. x sure mcm mane nk drop feed dogs.


MyBotanG said...

hi, cute quilt (I love that panel) and very convenient peg holder.. :)
my first sewing machine (also a Singer) memang x leh turun kan feed dog nyer..

my second machine (Janome) ada button to lower the feed dog..

Ariza Craft said...

thanks sue, nak kena cari another sewing machine lh lps nie :p.....hmmmmm janome @ bernina